Cant buy me love dating money and gifts

Approximately one-third were married.

Each student was assigned a random identification number in order to provide confidentiality. Students were given the option, after final grades were given, of having their data removed from the data base; none chose to this option. After these self-report journals were completed, the data were reviewed and a brief topical outline like one given to guide the journals was prepared. Based on this outline, the graduate students then conducted fifty in-depth interviews, which were recorded and transcribed along with the interviewer's reflective journals for each interview.

Can't Buy Me Love: Dating, Money, and Gifts

Data from the informants 58 M, 52 F produced over pages of text. While the age distribution of informants is wider than most college based samples, ethnicity is predominantly white with few blacks and Hispanics.

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Ten informants who were not raised in the United States were eliminated from the present analysis. Notably, the Mormon Latter Day Saints religion encourages early dating and early marriage Smith Such factors may limit the generalizability of these results since ethnic differences in dating practices seem evident Porter As the opening quotations in this paper suggest, money is often a problematic issue in dating. While the current set of informants sense some change in who pays for a date and often make it a point to both pay some dating costs, the majority of dating expenses are still paid for by the man, and some women never pay.

These findings parallel those of Rose and Frieze A common rule is that the one who asks for the date pays, but this was overwhelmingly the man. For others, all of whom are relatively impoverished women, there is some justification that the one with the most income should pay. There is also awareness of changes over the course of a dating relationship. For most, the man paid for earlier and more expensive dates, with later dates involving more sharing of expenses and less expensive activities e.

A smaller group, composed entirely of men, believed in keeping dating expenses at a minimum until it could be determined whether the relationship seemed promising. A number of women saw the issue of who pays in dating in terms of power and control. That's how I felt with Jed and I liked it. I liked having the control. You know when he's paying and asks where I want to go to eat I have to choose a place with the price in mind.

But when I was the one paying it was great because I could go where I wanted and order anything I wanted. That's what I did with Jed.

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It was like I was leading him around by his nose [F 18]. I felt like I was being bought but I also felt mean because he really wanted to show how he cared by buying me things. He was well settled in a career and doing well financially and I was a broke student. I somehow perceive money and control as one in the same [F Umm, when I got out of school I went straight to work as an office manager for an apartment complex and I was making pretty good money and he was going to school. So, I ended up paying for our dates and driving him around because he didn't have a car and I think he had a problem with that -an ego problem.

So, umm, we just kind of grew apart [F 29]. Men were not alone in feeling tension from the issue of who pays. Women often expressed feeling guilty or indebted from having money spent on them. I was never into expensive dates because I felt guilty because the guy would be paying and I also enjoyed going out to places where I could be more relaxed [F 32]. Others felt that having large amounts of money spent on them was tantamount to being purchased, although this was not always an unwelcome feeling. Traveling with someone I enjoy, who is romantic and obliging, and who is paying for all the fun, is a lethal combination for me.

I definitely am not trying to say I can be bought -- but I am definitely saying one can score big points with me with the lure of travel [F 36].

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Other problems created by money in dating occur when that one partner is relatively free-spending while the other is parsimonious or when the two have very different ideas about appropriate spending. One function of dating appears to be to screen out such mismatches and bring together pairs who have similar values regarding money. At least it communicates whether a person is willing to share or put some monetary investment into the relationship. For those who can afford it, they may have an edge on those who can't in the case that a woman needs a man to support her.

I think if you give gifts on regular first or second dates then you make it conspicuous that you have excess money to spend on her [M 25]. More males than females also believed that some women exploited men for their money.

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The source of many of the problems discussed is the polyvocal nature of money Belk and Wallendorf The more cynical interpretations of being bought, investing in a dale, and being used by a date are a subtext and involve the profane or utilitarian meanings of money.

On the other hand the more sacred meanings of money allow a surface text that, genuinely or not, maintains that money expenditures are an index of caring in contemporary American dating. I felt he had put a low budget limit on his love for me. On the other hand, he bought me a car when I needed one, and that made me feel very important and loved [F 35].

Money, money, money, what effect does money have on dating? In the ideal sense it shouldn't have much effect at all, but in reality it seems to have an effect. I think there are some people who think that how much is spent is a direct reflection of how much is felt [M 25]. Gifts given to dates by this group of informants are quite varied, but traditional gifts are common, including flowers, candy, clothes especially sweaters , clothing accessories, stuffed animals, and jewelry.

Occasionally, recreational drugs, trips, dinners, and dating entertainments were considered to be gifts. There was general agreement among informants that the nature of gift-giving changed over the course of a relationship. As with dating expenses, a few men tried to minimize or eliminate gift-giving during the early part of a dating relationship.

Can't Buy Me Love: Dating, Money, and Gifts by Russell W. Belk and Gregory S. Coon

I never spent very much money on a girl in the early stages of dating. I didn't want to drain my savings account on a girl and have her dump me the next day.

Money Can't Buy Me Love Renaissance-style

That happened to a friend of mine. He bought his girlfriend a television set.

When he gave it to her she said, "I don't want to see you anymore, by the way thanks for the T. Men have to be careful about spending money on women, you may spend hundreds of dollars on a girl in a couple of weeks and then BAM she decides she doesn't like you anymore. I view money and dating as an investment. You want to get marginal return on the dollar [M For most people, however, early gifts were intended to impress dates, to say "thank you" for going out with me, and to suggest the sincerity of the gift-giver's interests. It is men who are most apt to give a gift during a first date, but several women reported giving gifts soon after a first date -- both to reciprocate and to initiate gift-giving.

As a relationship progresses, informants report that giving becomes more costly and gifts become more intimate. Eventually, in continuing relationships, the extravagance of material gift-giving tends to decline at the same time that non-material gifts of time, compliments, attention, and talents become more common. One woman [F 24] explained these changes as occurring in three stages:. Not that actual cash exchanges hands, but the gifts are basically little more than gifts of cash.

For example, if a gift of flowers is given it is usually done at this stage in the dating in the context of I need to give you something. Usually very little thought is put into the content of the gift. As the dating relationship develops I have noticed that the exchange resembles more of what I consider gift giving By this I mean the gift giver puts more thought into the gift, the gifts are more personal, have more meaning etc.. The third stage of gift giving over the course of dating develops as the couple gets to know one another better.

This is when the gifts are non-material in nature. These gifts include helping the other person when one is stressed for time, lending a good ear, etc.. I also believe that as the length of time a couple is married increases this pattern is further magnified. For example, I have noticed that my parents and in-laws rarely give each other Christmas or birthday presents. My husband and I are at the stage when we rarely give each other gifts that are total surprises. The gifts are usually needed or well expressed items [F30]. The timing of the early escalation in gift-giving is often seen as critical.

A gift can be too expensive for the degree of commitment desired by the gift-recipient or too personal for the recipient's desired level of intimacy. As one informant put it, "He's got to understand where you are coming from. Find that someone who's been looking at this issue up your parents to accompany you on the back of a harley motorcycle trip and can share. Computer, how come it's not in our nature to want a change, or to view our large database and network. Effective way of meeting a life partner, it was just people.

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