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Multitasking is your super power. Maybe you are more of the logistic and structured planning type, and while I envy your left-brain driven capabilities, it is awfully frustrating and challenging to engage in a relationship with someone who has been bouncing through life in the completely opposite manner. While loving someone with ADD can be hard, it is undeniably so incredibly fun, passionate, and truthfully candid.

The breed somehow manages to be magically capable of passion and drive, despite all of the other millions of things they impulsively dabble in. Time-management is something the ADD has been just fine not mastering. Be open to receive love in different ways. You are not with someone who is capable of, nor wanting to, have long mushy sensitive talks. They may seem unattached and indifferent, but if you are dating someone with ADD, they have picked you out of the crowd to give up a little of their youthful selfishness to be in a committed relationship with you.

Nothing is thought out for that long. Patience is a skill you will learn to better master while dating a girl with ADD. They can function independently. Space is great for those with ADD, because just as they want to spend time with other people, they want you to spend time with other people too. This can be frustrating for someone who wants to spend a very large chunk of their time with his or her significant other, but a healthy relationship really should be two whole individuals coming together, and not two halves making each other a whole. On more occasion than not, they will get lost in something and be MIA all day.

For those with ADD, a partner who embraces that each person does their own thing will keep the relationship as healthy and happy as possible. Since we have an appreciation for all life has to hold, little things excite us, and being able to deeply please someone with surprise flowers without having to have them flown in from some foreign country is rewarding.

They are down for anything. He says all I need to do is trust him because he wants to take care of me, but the worrier in me is scared that his ADHD will be an issue. Definitely read up and their are blog support groups for people, both men and women who have been and are in relationships with a person who has ADHD. The stories are all similar and frightening.

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My ADHD ex always said he wanted to take care of me and have me stay at home with the kids. Well he ended up hating working for others so he started his own company and I had to step in and help while I was working FT and raising our two kids because his income was inconsistent.

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Because of his flakiness, I ended up being the breadwinner, managing the house, taking care of the kids and all their activities, cooking, cleaning etc. So yes, I became his mom.


When I found out because he was bad at covering his tracks, I was devastated and then left. So that was my marriage.

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I have peace in my life! No offense to anyone who has it, but that experience has soured me. During my dating phase, I met a guy I was very attracted to and we went on several dates. He was shocked I could tell and said he did and always had to struggle with it. My ex girlfriends could never deal with my constant lateness and financial instability. Dependability is apparently the most important character trait when it comes to relationships. Two things are key for an adult.

The recognition of the difficulties and the honest effort to help yourself. First is to understand that you are not functioning as other people. You need assistance to deal with that. While street drugs may seem like an answer it is the easy way out and also is illegal. Do not get discouraged and give up with one or two trials hallmark of ADD but continue to work with different medications until you find one that helps you the best. Also, there are tricks to assist you. My son loved to wear a watch with an alarm to remind him of different things…now he uses his smart phone to remind him of different obligations and activities…his short term memory is poor…but he found an aid he can work with.

Join a ADD group…believe me it can make a difference with insight into what is happening to you and how to cope along with understanding and tricks to assist. And even before we were exclusive been dating only each other for 7 months he was very consistent about making plans especially due to his understanding of his lack of executive functioning and planning. So I would think it would be important when dating someone struggling with this should be a person who understands how it impacts their daily life and the life of the person their dating.

Also and I think most importantly!!

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  • When dating someone with ADD there is a very fine line sometimes in assisting them and mothering them. Yes I did, lasted almost 4 weeks lol. He was very kind and interesting, but was talking all the time and making me tired a lot. He was also self medicating himself. I got tired of him, because he asked me the same things several times, so he had a bad memory, as he could not really focus on anything. He used cbd oil instead of pot. He pursued me very hard.

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    At the beginning, we used to text every day and he would call. Suddenly he started disappearing for days which eventually became a week or too. When he returned he had all kinds of excuses from family problems to personal problems. He told me only recently that he was diagnosed with ADHD and made the choice to receive help. We spoke about his inattention and his sudden disappearance and yet I see him active on FB and he seemed to get the point.

    A week later, were back to square one. When I first met my guy friend, he was outgoing and adventurous. He would only contacted me when it was convenient for him. I believe like he needed that excitement and adrenalin rush all the time.

    Anyone ever dated an ADD/ADHD guy?

    I began to feel something was wrong because he would never communicate me, he seems to be distracted everytime I wanted to talk to him, and his room would be disorganized. I was becoming needy and worrisome. I suffer with anxiety and everytime I tried to talk to him about our issues, he would rush out impatiently that he had work to do.

    I was afraid to bring it up in person, so i ended up texting him about it. He blocked my text messages and number. I believe he needed that adrenalin rush all the time.

    Topic: Anyone ever dated an ADD/ADHD guy?

    I began to feel something was wrong because he would never communicate, he seems to be distracted everytime I wanted to talk to him, and his room was disorganized. Mail will not be published required: You may use these HTML tags and attributes: The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except as expressly permitted in writing by A New Mode, Inc.

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